Old Ladies Home

Built 1901. Demolished 1945.

This building was located on the southwest corner of Second Street and West Avenue. Built in 1901, it was 100 ft x 66 ft and the porch was 10 ft wide. Generous contributions from philanthropic Elyrians led to this being built mostly for 'old ladies' on a limited income before Social Security existed. About 1923 the name was changed from 'Old Ladies Home' to 'Elyria Home for the Aged'. The Methodist Church purchased it about 1926 and they moved to the George Ely Mansion on West Avenue. About 1929, the former home became 'The Elyria Clinic'. About 1936 it became 'The Elyria Clinic Hospital Inc.' In 1939 the 'Lorain County Relief Administration' moved in. Starting in 1941 it housed the 'Pleasant View Rest Home'. Standard Oil purchased the home in 1944 from the mortgage holder and evicted the rest home in 1945. They razed the building and preceded to build a service station on the lot. That station building was removed in 2015-16 and a new building is occupied by LifeCare Ambulance.