Antique and reproduction lighting will give your home back its historic charm. If you are one of the rare ones and your home has all its original lighting, count yourself lucky. Over a century of living  its normal that some well meaning previous resident changed the fixtures out to modernize or to replace a worn fixture . If you have maybe one or more original fixtures still remaining use these as sources to find similar light styles. If you have none, search the internet or antique lighting books for what lights were in style around the time your home was built. There were many out there and just pick what you like and what you feel 'matches' the style of your home, Victorian, Colonial, Craftsman, etc. 

A great website to purchase reproduction and even some antique lighting is Rejuvenation.  Another great resource is Ebay.


Antique Lamp Buyer's Guide: Identifying Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Lighting by Nadja Maril

American Lighting: 1840-1940 by Nadja Maril

Local Stores:

Century Antiques 7410 Lorain Ave in Cleveland


Edison bulbs are really cool looking and make any light fixture where the bulbs show look really authentic. LED Edison bulbs are now available. They look great, will last for many years and use very little electricity.